Monday, March 17, 2014


With this app, there is no need for rubberbands!  I loved teaching geometry, but did not love the rubberbands that would find themselves flying in the air of my classroom.  This is a free iOS app called Geoboard you can download and use when teaching geometry. I would have loved having this app in the classroom.

Students start off by selecting a colored rubberband and placing it on two pins. (see the purple one) You then "stretch" the rubberband to other pins. (see the yellow one)

The shapes created by the rubberbands can be shaded in. This is great when you start talking about composing and decomposing shapes.

If you need a larger geoboard, the app has you covered!

This app is the perfect addition for any grade level to assist with geometry discussions and learning.  This app can also be used for assessing too, with the help of a task card and the camera feature.  Have the students complete an activity using the geometry and then take a screenshot of the board. This screenshot can be emailed to the teacher OR added to a digital creation app, like Educreations, where the student can explain what they did and why.

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  1. Geoboard is great. I used it with a first grade class during a Nearpod lesson on 2-D/3-D shapes. They had to create a 5 sided shape, then take a snapshot of it and during the Nearpod lesson on one of the Draw-it slides they had to submit their snapshot to me.