Thursday, March 6, 2014

Popplet Lite

Popplet Lite is the free iPad version of the popular website Popplet.  There is a full iPad version out there, but it does cost $4.99.

Popplet is a creation app and can be used for multiple topics and subject areas.  When you open the app, you can given a blank canvas. You can start creating by clicking on the setting icon and selecting "new popple".

A popple is a bubble that can contain text, images, or drawings. Popples connect to each other by clicking on one of the four gray circles around the current popple. Each popple can be a different color. This is a good idea when more than one student is creating a Popplet.

The creation doesn't have to stay on the iPad, you can email the Popplet as a PDF or JPEG as well as save it on the iPad as a JPEG.

Popplet Lite and the web version Popplet are a must for any classroom, no matter the grade or subject area. Popplet can be a brainstorming organizer, a timeline, a presentation tool, and a note taking resource.

If you have an Apple TV or use a program to display your iPad through the projector, students can follow along with the creation and present their own Popplet.

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