Monday, June 23, 2014

Adding Website Links to Your Homescreen

Just like a computer, iPads can access the Internet and be used as a research tool in the classroom. In order to make life somewhat easier, you can provide students with direct links to the desired research sites directly on the iPad's homescreen.

Step #1: Go to the desired site on the Safari web browser.

Step #2: Click on the icon just to the left of the web address. There are a lot of options, but we want to select the third one on the bottom - "Add to Home Screen".

Step #3: The website's name and address will appear. You can change the name if desired. This name will appear on the Home Screen.

Step #4: Once you click "Add", you will have a link on your Home Screen.  These look just like apps.  

By adding links straight to the Home Screen, you can ensure students won't get "lost" typing in a long web address.  These, just like apps, can be deleted at any time so you can add and delete website links through the year, depending on the topics being researched.

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