Wednesday, November 5, 2014

This Day in History

History does not always get the time and attention it deserves, especially in the elementary world.  This app, can help put history in the front of the class - one day at a time!

This Day in History by World Book is a free iPad app. Each day, you are presented with various "this day in history" events, including births, famous events, and scientific events. You can view any day/month, which makes planning for future events a breeze. Each event has a link with more information provided. This information may be just what your students need to get excited about the event or person being discussed.

The app itself is rather simple, but the potential is there!  Use the events as a "Did you know..." activity at the beginning or end of the day. The historical and scientific events on the calendar can be the starting point of a history or science lesson. Students (and teachers) can use the great list of historical figures as their potential research topic list.

This Day in History is a simple resource any classroom can benefit from using!

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