Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Word Mover and other Read*Write*Think Apps


Read*Write*Think is a great website ELA teachers and students need to include in their daily online experience.  For teachers, it provides classroom activities and professional development resources. For students, it provides classroom interactives on a variety of ELA topics and grade levels.

Read*Write*Think also has 9 mobile apps teachers can add to their iOS and/or Android device.  One of those apps is Word Mover.  Word Mover allows students to create poetry from a variety of word banks. Users can also create their own words. The words are be moved (hence the name of the app) around to create their own unique poem.  Once created, the poem can be emailed and/or saved.

So why do you want to add this app to your device.. one word - poetry!  Poetry was never a fun topic for me.  I'm not creative with words.  This app lets the students manipulate words to create their own poetry masterpiece.  There is something appealing about moving tiles rather than using an eraser every few minutes.

Check out Word Mover and the other ELA apps by Read*Write*Think.

Do you have a favorite already? Share it with us!

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