Wednesday, March 18, 2015


If you have any future movie makers in your classroom, then you want to download this app.  iMotion by Fingerlab is a free app of the iPhone or iPad. The app allows you to create stop motion movies with ease.

To start, the students need to have an idea of what movie they are making and what props they will need. Once they have finished planning, they are ready to begin.  Students will start by clicking "New Movie".

Before you click "start", double check the photo options.  It is default to take time-lapsed images.  I would suggest changing it to manual. This allows the students to control when the pictures are taken. You can also title the movie on the screen.  Giving your work a title is always important!

Once they hit start, the fun begins.  The students make their stop motion movie one picture at a time.

 When the movie is finished, the students can share it to the iPad's Camera Roll. From there, the movie can be shared onto YouTube or other outlet.  Notice the padlock. That is because I am using the free version.

The link is an example movie my daughter made one evening.  Click here for example.

Students will have a lot of fun with this app!  This is a perfect resource students can use to explain a concept or topic. Each image can be a step in a multiple digit math problem or retelling a story using Legos or another action figure.

If you want to dive into other stop motion apps, check out iStop Motion.  It does cost $9.99 though.

Do you use stop motion apps in your classroom? Share your experiences with us!

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